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Who Is Mike?

Entrepreneur  and Internet Marketing Expert Mike

Entrepreneur and online business expert Mike Dolev helps overwhelmed internet marketing entrepreneurs strategize and implement the techniques and technology they need to streamline their business and achieve the financial freedom they dream of.

Mike founded his first online business at 15 years old with a desire to help his family break free from debt and live a better life. Within one year he went from $0 to $500,000 in sales and was able to help his mother quit working three jobs and finally start living the life she deserved. Mike is developing new platforms and software for online businesses, and is a recognized and sought-after mentor for those who wish to duplicate his success.

When people started asking Mike to share the secrets for his success, he recognized an opportunity to help online entrepreneurs who are just getting started or feel overwhelmed or stuck in their businesses. He has developed a reputation for technology implementation tactics – and the willingness to help others identify what worked best for them as well

Possessing an innate desire to support and help others, Mike has become the expert that others in his field look to for identifying the right path to creating a business that fulfills their vision. As a mentor, trainer, speaker and author, Mike offers programs sharing real-world strategies and tactics that put his clients on the fast track to creating the influence, income and independence they want.

Clients love how transparent and truthful Mike is. Mike loves the opportunity to share his story and provide value from the viewpoint of someone who’s been there, experienced the same issues, and transformed his life using the very same tools and techniques.